Our mission is to bring support, guidance and relief to law enforcement

The National 9-99 Police and Sheriff Foundation raises funds for injured or fallen officers and their families, invests in K9 safety and training, and provides counseling and mental health resources to all officers in need.

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Meet the Board

Mark Treglio

Mark Treglio

Mark Treglio is the brand new Chief Operating Officer of the 9-99 Foundation.

Mark grew up in a law enforcement household and to this day, has many relatives serving in this noble profession. He fully understands the ups and downs that come with dedicating yourself to this career path and will use that experience to assist officers in need at the 9-99 Foundation.

Mark is the President at NEP Services, where he manages the day-to-day operations of this rapidly growing tech and communications company that serves over 675 police and fire organizations nationwide.

Prior to joining NEP, Mark oversaw communications at the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) in Washington D.C. He was responsible for many of the union’s innovations, which included working for the organization’s 501(c)3 charitable foundation.

Mark has a degree in criminal justice and is working towards a degree in Emergency and Disaster management. He is a die-hard New York Yankees fan and a longtime suffering Jacksonville Jaguars fan. Mark and his wife Debi now reside in sunny Henderson Nevada.

Dann Howitt

Dann Howitt

Dann is the new Executive Director of the 9-99 Foundation.

Dann was born and raised in Southwest Michigan. After attending Michigan State University and Cal State - Fullerton, he went on to a successful professional baseball career spanning 12 years that included playing for Oakland, Seattle and the Chicago White Sox in the Major Leagues.

When Dann's Baseball career ended, he immediately went to work in the technology sector selling complex systems in the private and government marketplaces. Over 13 years he received multiple awards and accolades from employers and customers alike.

Dann then became a General Manager for a Fiber Optic Design company that implemented high-speed internet services across the United States and in several countries.

Most recently, Dann has been an Independent Research Consultant based in Holland, Michigan. He has also served in several capacities for NEP Services, Inc. over the years.

He is an avid Kayak Fisherman, a published writer, father of 3 fantastic children, and typically spends his free time enjoying the great outdoors.


We are blessed to have benefactors who are willing and able to contribute $25,000 to become Guardian Angels of the National 999 Police and Sheriff’s Foundation. We could not be more grateful, and would love to speak with you personally about the impact that your donation will have on our organization and the officers that we help.