Our mission is to bring support, guidance and relief to law enforcement

The National 9-99 Police and Sheriff Foundation was founded by Andrew Howitt and Stacey Yudin in 2015. As the CEO and President for NEP, a company that has been dedicated to helping law enforcement association since its creation, they realized they could extend their impact and outreach beyond their business. It also became evident these associations faced similar obstacles as other nonprofits. This included limited resources for fundraising and community outreach. With this in mind, NEP explored how our dynamic direct-mail fundraising and digital marketing platforms could help nonprofits grow and make a larger impact in their community.

As our business model expanded, our resources and relationships with clients continued to develop. Drew Howitt, Stacey Yudin, and the rest of the leadership team spent weeks on the road meeting with law enforcement officers about our services and building personal friendships as they shared stories about the everyday challenges behind the badge – traumatic experiences leading to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or line of duty injuries or death. This humbling experience led NEP to establish the National 9-99 Police and Sheriff Foundation, an organization where we could use our successful nonprofit platform to help disabled law enforcement officers and their families transition to civilian life after a career-ending injury by providing psychological, emotional, physical, and monetary support.

The focus areas of our nonprofit include PTSD Support for Law Enforcement Officers, Fallen/Injured Officers and Police K-9’s, which are addressed through our programs of Emergency Relief Support, Counselors/Mental Health specialist, Public Awareness, Resources for officers and their families and K-9 Vests. Although other nonprofits also work toward this cause, our approach is unique in that we can offer it within our law enforcement network of clients and friends and to other officers in need nation-wide. Since they have already had a successful experience with NEP’s services, they know they can rely on us. We are also able to adapt our programs to what law enforcement officers find valuable.

The National 9-99 Police and Sheriff Foundation reflects the passion and dedication that our entire team has for law enforcement. It’s also an opportunity for others to understand the unique trauma that police officers and sheriff deputies face and how the tools we create can help make their lives just a little easier.

Pledge a Donation


We are blessed to have benefactors who are willing and able to contribute $25,000 to become Guardian Angels of the National 999 Police and Sheriff’s Foundation. We could not be more grateful, and would love to speak with you personally about the impact that your donation will have on our organization and the officers that we help.